Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Cheap and Lazy No-Tools Needed Raised Beds for Vegetables and Herbs

I do more than just sit around and watch my lawn take care of itself.  I sit around and watch my compost bins take care of themselves.

But, when it is time to break down the bin and actually use the compost, I have to do something to keep the birds from scattering the compost all over the yard.  After much thought and effort, I came up with a design for a border that can keep the compost in place.

No tools required! Well, If you don't have a mallet or hammer, you can pound the stakes in  with a rock, but mallets are easier to use.

Cedar fence boards and stakes = raised bed

This is made from cedar fence boards and construction "flag" stakes. I only need a few inches to hold the compost topping on the vegetable bed because the local dirt is adequate. You could do this with wider boards, but you would need more stakes, and longer ones.

Hammer in the stakes on alternate sides to hold the boards vertical. This starts at a fence on one end and ends at a clump of rosemary at the other so I didn't have to make any ends.  I'll figure out how to do a free-standing bed and post pictures later.

The black snake thing is my drip tubing. I will plant the herbs and chilis along the tubing, then bury it in the compost to save moisture.

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Anonymous said...

This is a great idea that I will share with my aunt she does the vegetables every year. Being that she had no boarder around her vegetables and the landscpers that serviced her lawn did an great job at not mowing down her vegetables. But with this boarded the lawn cutters will have no problems this year.