Thursday, November 17, 2016

The New Raised Bed Corners

The nail-free raised beds I made have a minor flaw: they leak dirt at the corners because it's a simple right angle butt joint.  The cedar fence slats touch but they are not connected.

Corners touch, but do not connect. Dirt leaks out
The solution was simple.  I cut two tall, square, nursery pots in half diagonally and trimmed out the bottoms,  making 4 right-angled pieces of plastic.  I slid one into each corner to act as a leak preventer.
Corner liner prevents dirt leaks.

If you don't have nursery pots, any squarish plastic container would work.  Quart milk containers, butter tubs, or whatever you can scrounge up.  This is about "good enough" to grow vegetables,  not perfection.

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