Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Watching Grass Grow: 1 Year Later, It's a Lawn!

Happy birthday to my buffalo grass lawn! It was one year old on Sunday, and a long way from the sea of mud we had last year. This coming year I'll be reporting on the mowing and watering it needs to keep it attractive. it's about 80% greened up, and with the predicted warmer weather this week, it should be completely green by the first of April.

Our goal is not a putting green, our goal is a low-maintenance lawn that uses less water than Bermuda grass. This survived the abnormally hot and dry summer of 2009, and the abnormally soggy winter of 2009/10 with no problems.

I don't know about the Bermuda that I know is surviving in there - the neighboring Bermuda grass lawns went dormant and greened up simultaneously with the Buffalo grass. I'm going to have to control it with low water and neglect and some old-fashioned pulling.


El Beardo said...

yup, mines getting greener and greener with each day, and we're a lot cooler than you out here on the coast. I'll be in Phoenix all of next week and would be interested in checking out the lawn and meeting up if possible....Andy

Lazy Gardens said...

Great ... email me.

lazygardens at operamail dot com

If schedule permits, you can come over and admire the greenery.

Maria Killam said...

Cute post, happy anniversary :) thanks for visiting my blog!

Maria Killam said...

Thank you for your awesome suggestion on duplicating the lighting in a space that is not created yet!! Much appreciated!

Mike Todd said...

In an earlier post you mentioned that you found a local source for your buffalo grass plugs. We're looking to establish a little patch of grass in our back yard here in central Phoenix and are interested in any and all viable non-Bermuda options. Would you be willing to share the name of your source?

Lazy Gardens said...

Mike - Check with Todd Valley Farms. They were setting up a Phoenix distributor, but I don't know how far along they are in the process.