Monday, April 13, 2009

Watching Grass Grow: Week 3

Rough week for plants - we had a late winter storm run through with pounding rain, some hail and strong winds. The grass is still alive! Although a few plugs are wispy and wan, I still have 100% survival of the 600+ planted plugs.

There are some visible results to report. Some of the plugs have sent out fresh runners 6 to 9 inches long. The runners are easy to overlook, because they are thin and wiry, but the runners are rooting and sprouting blades of grass from their nodes. Other plugs are sending up fresh blades and increasing the density of the clumps.

Grass Runner, bolting for freedom

The various tree seeds continue to sprout in the lawn area, as do the weeds. The quail are earning their keep: fresh baby cheeseweed is one of their favorite foods. They inspect the lawn area that is farthest from the house and eat many of the weeds. That leaves me to weed the more exposed areas where the quail don't want to feed.

The Bermuda grass is still sprouting, despite glyphosate treatment of every sprout I see.

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