Monday, April 20, 2009

Watching Grass Grow: Week 4

The grower, Todd Valley Farms in Nebraska, assures me, "As soon as the heat hits the plugs will explode". But they didn't define "heat". Is it 70°F (warm in buffalo grass's native area), 80°, or what? This month has seen daytime high temperatures from the low 60s to the low 90s, with as much as a 30° jump or drop between days. Overnight lows are in the 40s and 50s.

That's typical for Arizona at this time of year.

The grower didn't define "explode" either. How fast can this stuff grow in a week of 90° days with a generous helping of water and nitrogen-rich mesquite bean compost? I wish I had time-lapse photography for this, because the forecast is for increasingly warmer weather and maybe 100° by Tuesday.

There are more runners than last week, but it's not obvious unless you look carefully.

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