Sunday, May 11, 2014

Do Arizona Foxes Poop in the Woods?

I don't know, but they are pooping in my garden.  We were curious about the source of non-feline feces repeatedly appearing in the side yard and set up a trail cam.

One or two foxes stroll into the camera's field of view and take advantage of my facilities.  The clips were taken a few minutes apart, so it may be one fox making a loop around the side yard.

This also explains a chewed-up leather work glove and probably the disappearance of the tree rats.

It's probably a kit fox (Vulpes macrotis)  or maybe a small Gray Fox (Urocyon cinereoargenteus).  It's hard to tell with the infrared images.

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Andrew Willy said...

We have an identical situation. Unexplained poop in the side yard. Not feline. Setup trail cam and identified a fox.

This fox is a prolific pooper, or he has friends we haven't identified yet.

Have a good evening!