Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Watching Grass Grow: Preventing Bald Spots

Where's the Grass-rogaine?

The buffalo grass is prone to develop bare spots, at least in this area with the watering schedule I keep. Unless you are keeping the bare soil moist, it's unlikely to fill them in with new springs.

I'm doing a week or two of short, frequent watering sessions to encourage the grass to spread. 
Dead spot where Bermuda grass died, before de-thatching.

Baldness Prevention tips:
  • Empty the mower bag before it overflows and starts dropping clumps of clippings on the lawn. Those clumps turn into bald spots.
  • Pick up fallen twigs and other debris frequently.
  • Kill weeds, especially the ones with a rosette of leaves. When they die they leave round bald spots.
  • Fill in any craters the birds dig.
  • Don't let your dogs pee on the grass. It kills the grass in that spot. 
  • If you have pop-up sprinklers, turn them on during the daytime and check the flow and alignment. Lack of water makes big bald spots.
  • Trim back bushes that overhang the sprinklers.

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